Infinite State Games
Based in Bristol, London

Release date:
Oct 2014 PSVita, 8th March 2016 PS4

PSVita/PS4 (Cross-Buy)
iOS & Apple TV (Coming Soon)


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Don’t Die, Mr. Robot – Bullet hell fruit ’em up for PS4 and PSVita (Cross-Buy). Deep in the electro-abyss lives a little robot who loves to eat exploding fruit. He also quite likes staying alive. That’s where you come in… The hook to the game is the scoring system – each exploding fruit sets off adjacent fruits creating crazy-satisfying chains. As well as looking and sounding awesome, each explosion adds a multiplier to points scored with the chain. You’ll reach nail-biting levels of tension waiting until your fruit amasses on screen before you set one off triggering a massive chain explosion for maximum scoring!


Don't Die Mr. Robot (DDMR) was made originally for PlayStation Vita. It soon became a cult favourite among Vita fans for its arcade action and addictive properties. The PS4 version came out just over a year later in March 2016. It features full HD graphics, 60hz gameplay and some really awesome stuff going on with the light bar.


  • Don't Die, Mr. Robot has loads of game modes for lots of lovely replayability! We've got Remix Mode: Battle through 50 unique missions in Remix Mode which mess up the rules and push you to the limits of your reactions and skill. Arcade Mode: A never ending, different every time arena based fun machine! Hit the global leaderboards and try and become the world’s best dodger. Time Attack: 2m30 at tweaked difficulty to hone your skills. Dying costs time and points, so don’t die! Chill Out Mode: A more sedate and strategic but equally intense mode for when your nerves are just too fried to take on the game at full pace.
  • Don't Die, Mr. Robot is easy to control: all you have to do is move your little robot! No complicated buttons here, no-siree. No buttons, in fact.
  • The audio is a unique blend of quirky electro with some bendy chiptune elements. http://barryisland.bandcamp.com/album/dont-die-mr-robot-soundtrack
  • DDMR also features cameo appearances from some very special guests. Each one changes how the game plays dramatically. Unlock them all! The Death Ray Manta – He fires lasers from his head, Dunjun Dude – His key will protect you from behind, Eggsy – Shonky robot from Newport who’s head falls off, Hoppy Bobby – He hops leaving a trail of rainbows, amd Jimmy Dodger – He’s tiny and quick,
  • What’s a game without unlockable hats and stuff? NOTHING! Unlock loads of different hats and robots to play with to make your own Mr. or Mrs. Robot look totally unique. There’s over 5000 different combinations to choose from!


Trailer YouTube

PS4 Version Gameplay Stream YouTube

Gameplay Video YouTube

Gameplay Video YouTube




Selected Articles

  • "If you are a fan of arcade games, then it is an absolute must purchase"
    - Liverpool Sound and Vision, Website
  • "Beautiful cyborg swan"
    - Pushsquare, Website
  • "The first time I played it I was late for work. The second time my potatoes boiled over. The third time I walked into a wheelie bin"
    - Punk and Lizard, Website
  • "Its arcade-inspired gameplay triumphs"
    - ATGReviews, Website

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Original Soundtrack
Available for free from barryisland.bandcamp.com.

About Infinite State Games

Infinite State Games Ltd are Charlie Scott-Skinner and Mike Daw. They make gourmet games for the discerning.

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Don't Die, Mr. Robot! Credits

Charlie Scott-Skinner
CEO, Programmer and Design at ISG

Mike Daw
Design, Audio and Production at ISG

Richard Ogden (Red Phantom Games)
PS4 Port of Don't Die, Mr. Robot!

Peter Mackay
iOS Port of Don't Die, Mr. Robot!

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